Tuesday, 2 August 2011

3 Things

Since this is my 1st post and today is the 2nd of August, I thought it would be fitting that I do post called 3 Things.

3 Things I Can't Live Without (..well not can't, but choose not to!):

  1. My truly amazing boyfriend
  2. My phone - to be specific BlackBerry Bold 9700
  3. Hot showers
3 Newest Additions To My Wardrobe:

  1. Thin Hangers - I should've done this sooner, the smaller the hangers the more clothes I can fit!
  2. ASOS Jersey Dogtooth Mini Skirt: $25.69
  3. ASOS Colour-Block Pleated Mini Skirt: $20.55
3 Next Travel Destinations:

  1. My USA Trip in November! - can't wait to stay at the Surrey Hotel in New York: $755/per night
  2. I need a beachy holiday, thinking Thailand - staying at the Outrigger Koh Samui: $305/per night
  3. Definitely want to tour Canada/Alaska - pictuing myself at Fairmont Lake Louise $549/per night

3 Favourite Hair Products:

  1. GHD Purple Indulgence Hair Straightener: $106.21 - heats up in 30 seconds!
  2. Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment: $6.50 - the 10ml size is perfect for the handbag.
  3. Nak Dry Shampoo: $13.50 - great for days between washes.
3 Things On My Unrealistic Wish-List:
  1. Kate Spade Cobble Hill Leslie Handbag: US$425 - maybe I'll splurge when I get to New York..
  2. Christian Louboutin Heels: US$795 - the red soles just get me!
  3. Dell Inspiron R Laptop: $499 - I love that you can change the lid colour!

3 Favourite Beauty Products:

  1. Clinique High Lengths Mascara: $38
  2. Clinique Almost Powder Makeup: $50 - great for setting foundation, also has SPF15.
  3. Clinique Foundation Brush: $49 - good investment for smooth makeup application. 
3 Websites I Visit Daily:

  1. Windows Live Email - personal emails
  2. Facebook - catch up on the latest news from friends
  3. eBay - there's always something I'm watching or bidding on!
3 Things In My Desk Drawer:
  1. Burt's Bees Lip Balm: $6.95 - helps fight to the air conditioner/heater drying out my lips.
  2. Mentos: $1.00 - has now become my work nickname because I'm always eating them!
  3. Sultanas: $2.20/pack of 6 boxes - great for pre/post lunch snacks.

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  1. Great post, such a good idea.
    Also digging the name of your blog. Very nice. :))