Friday, 20 January 2012

20 Great Homewares < $20!

I think a spring clean is in order! This week I have had a few days off work which I have spent having a clean out. The best advice I have received about what to keep and what to throw out is simple: "keep only what is useful, beautiful or loved". So in the spirit of spring cleaning here is my list of 20 great homewares all < $20!

Wheel & Barrow: 6pc Bar Set with Stand - $15.00
Wheel & Barrow: 700ml Cocktail Shaker - $15.00
Crate&Barrel: Mini Measure Shot Glass - $5.00
Crate&Barrel: Zest Margarita Glass - $11.40
Crate&Barrel: Dizzy Cocktail Glass - $3.20

Wheel & Barrow: Cupcake Pen - $19.95
Crate&Barrel: Ruffle Individual Pie Dish - $10.10
Modcloth: Pretty Cupcake Kit - $19.99
Modcloth: Sweet When Specific Measuring Cups - $11.99
Modcloth: 2-Piece Mini Cupcake Spatula Set - $12.70

Wheel & Barrow: Waffle Icecream Cup - $6.95
Wheel & Barrow: Mini Red Tapas Tangine - $14.95
Wheel & Barrow: Non Stick Fish Grill - $12.95
Crate&Barrel: Brunswick Soup Bowl - $5.00
Fred Flare: Mini Fondue Set - $10.00

Crate&Barrel: Mini Flea Market Lantern - $3.20
Wheel & Barrow: Frosted Bud 25cm Vase - $9.00
Dusk: Cotton Candy Pillar Candle - $7.99
Urban Outfitters: Around the World Letter - $12.00
Urban Outfitters: Bonjour Multi Hook - $12.00


  1. Love the baker kit! nice post!

  2. I love them all. I am doing spring cleaning as well and I think I have to take the advice-"keep only what is useful, beautiful or loved". I think I have created a bigger mess for myself then when I first started as I can't let go of a lot of stuff.

  3. I love that map "M"!! Perfect decoration (of course I'd need a C)

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  4. The baker picks are adorable esp. the cupcake spatulas! Happy weekend!

  5. I love this post! That yellow cocktail glass is a must!

    x Alexa

  6. love the beautifying ideas! especially the "bonjour" hook!

  7. Great choices! As a travel addict I especially love that big letter "M" - great inspiration for a DIY project too!

  8. im doing an early spring cleaning :) i love these items! i have so many different sides to me and im definitely a baker, a eater (for sure) and a beauty freak! nice images and have a great time cleaning :)

  9. Great finds and such a good price, too! Thank you for sharing:) Love the baker sets! -A