Monday, 12 September 2011

Restaurant Review: Hortas Port Noarlunga

On Sunday we were looking for somewhere new to have lunch, we heard that an old run-down restaurant right on the Port Noarlunga beach had changed owners and had been renovated. We thought 'why not' and went to give it a try - and we're so glad we did!

The old restaurant was so closed-in and dark, with the new decor it is light, airy and the views are amazing!

It was a lazy Sunday so I ordered a Bloody Mary, check out the view from our table!

Being seaside I thought it would be fitting to get the Fish and Chips, my partner ordered the Mediterranean Steak Sandwich.

I can't wait to go back during Summer and sit out on the balcony! Check out their menu here.


  1. Food looks fab making me hungry!!

  2. Awesome! xoxo

  3. Great review. Dining at a cozy restaurant beside the sea is a luxury I always crave. :)

  4. What a gorgeousss view - and that food looks delicious too - I actually LOVE being referred to new restaurants but unfortunatley I dont live near you so wont try it. Make sure you have a cocktail for me in the sun in Summer :)

    Anna xo

  5. It looks really nice!

  6. The view is absolutely amazing!


  7. We live locally to hortas & agree the location is 2nd to none & the food is really good unfortunately that's where is stops. We regularly run on the beach & stop for a coffee after. The managers obviously disapprove of this & make it plainly clear unless you look like money & are spending money they are not interested. We have sat in the outside seats on more than enough occasions & not received any service so left. It's a shame we no longer use the facility, good luck to them through the winter session without locals to support them. Mr Clifton Port Noarlunga.